Sunday, April 19, 2020

More additions to the DCC system

As this layout has grown and experience with operating it has been gained the Digitrax DCC system has also been expanded and modified.  Here are the latest changes.

I recently acquired another UT4 IR throttle and replaced the stock long coiled cord with a short straight one.

Then I made up two more throttle holders like the ones in THIS POST from December of 2018.
The new throttle holders were mounted with another UP5 panel in the staging yard area.  This area now has a place for 4 throttle with these UP5's being always powered.
The one throttle holder left from the first batch was mounted next to the system drawer at Harney.  This was needed so an operator at Battle Mountain would have a place to set the throttle if 2 hands are needed for uncoupling.  With 6 throttle holders around the layout hopefully no more dropped throttles.

This is a drawing I started of the layout of the DCC system.  It is not likely that I will need to add any more panels but the three DS64's may get connected to the LocoNet in the future.


  1. We used Velcro on the back of the throttles and on the fascia so we did not need boxes on my SFRSD and on all my mates layouts who run Digitrax. Saved a lot of work and they never fell off.

    1. Hi Rod, I tried Velcro at first but my being a bit clumsy I tended to knock them off so this works better for me. Have not dropped or knocked off a throttle yet with these.