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Besides all of the work in progress photos I have in the various posts, I also get some good photos of the trains operating on the layout.  Here are some of my favorites on this Photo Gallery page and this will be updated from time to time with new photos.

Alcos crossing - Two SP Century locomotives are westbound on the SP line crossing one of the segmented concrete trestles that span the Humboldt River.

An east bound WP TOFC train has just entered the paired track at Wesso.  That last flat car with the WP trailer has a FRED on it but I had just gotten the MTL caboose and wanted to try it out on the layout.

Old favorites - A pair of GP30's on the point of a west bound  manifest freight between Golconda and Wesso.  SSW 5006 is one of the old Atlas releases make by Kato.  It was the first locomotive I installed a DCC decoder in back in 1993.

Tight Clearance - After running nearly all of my locomotives and rolling stock over the layout I found that my SP sky box car is my tallest freight car and it does just barely clear the Central Valley through truss bridge at Golconda.

Visitors on the layout - I sometimes do decoder installs for other modellers and a benefit of that is getting to see other railroads running on my layout.

Back on home tracks - U23B's 2260 and 2258 pull their westbound train through the crossover and back onto WP tracks at the western end of the paired track just a few miles east of Winneumcca, Nevada.

After the Western Pacific merged with the Union Pacific in the early 1980's, the Southern Pacific and the UP shared the paired track across Nevada.

A Western Pacific train powered by a trio of 4 axle locomotives pass through the industrial district of Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Chevron's diesel fuel distribution facility in Battle Mountain receives a pair of loaded tank cars that originated at the Richmond, California refinery.  This fuel will be transferred to tanker trucks and delivered to mining sites in the area.
In my layout eras the Burlington Northern will occasionally route a train between Denver and the Pacific Northwest over the inside passage. Here a westbound in seen near Harney, Nevada with a C30-7 and an SD45 doing the work.
A west bound Amtrak California Zephyr crossing the Nevada desert.

The paired track arrangement normally works as a double track line but sometimes maintenance on one of the lines forces single track operation.  Here a eastbound UP train is waiting in the siding at Battle Mountain while a westbound SP train passes on the main. 

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