Sunday, April 12, 2020

Detailed interior for the warehouse

One thing I skipped over until later when I built the warehouse in Battle Mountain was some interior detail and lighting.  This warehouse is a shallow relief structure that represents part of a larger facility that produces cat litter.   Finished product is typically shipped in 50 pound bags stacked on pallets.  Car load shipments are made to several wholesale pet supply distributors and retail chain distribution centers all around North America.

This Preiser set is something I have had for years and had only used a few items from it.  It has many items that are great for a warehouse scene.   The stacks of bagged cargo are perfect to represent the bagged cat litter and I'll use some of the pallet jacks as well.

The 5 bag pieces from the Preiser set were placed on top of a stack of 5 Styrene tile sections.  The stacks were then painted white and weathered with black weathering wash to bring out some detail.

Then the finished stacks were glued to pallets from Micro Engineering set 80-144.

What I like to use to light the interiors of buildings are LED boards from N scale locomotives that I have left over from installing DCC decoders in.  I used two here and made a long enough lead to feed down a hole in the bench work.
On the internet I found a photo of the inside of a warehouse and combined several copies of it to make a background image that was then pasted onto a section of .030 Styrene sheet for the back wall.
The detail parts were glued to the floor inside and the photo back wall was attached with liquid styrene cement and scotch tape.

A hole was drilled through the bench work and the plug threaded through to connect to the 12 volt DC bus inside the bench work.
Here is the view of one of the doors.  Besides using the bagged loads from the Preiser set shown above, I also used two different types of pallet jacks.
The LED's provide just enough light to highlight what is inside.

Here is the other door.  This forklift model another thing that I've had for many years and is being re-used again.

What happens in this shipping department is that pallets of the product are brought close to the rail car doors by forklift then workers load the pallets into box cars with smaller equipment.


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    1. Thank you Rod, I enjoy these type of projects and hope to do more when I get around to Carlin.

  2. Love the look of the interior of the warehouse.


    1. Thanks John, next I want to add a double door box car with doors open and some detail inside to extend the scene.