Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bench work for the Harney section

Bench work for the Harney section is now underway.   It seems this is the time of year that I try to get some of the woodworking part of the hobby done so I have the winter to do track, electrical, and scenery.

The Harney section will have the Humboldt River re-enter the layout and continue down the length of this section between the two railroad lines.  The SP / eastbound line will be carried over the river with my BLMA brass bridge.

On the Battle Mountain section both lines were almost level but on the Harney section the upgrade will continue with the rear track being the SP / Westbound line being slightly steeper.

The temporary turn around section has been temporarily removed to allow the new bench work to installed and removed (quite a few times ! ) to get the fit just right.  It will go back in and the layout be fully operational again while I continue on the other phases of this new section away from the layout.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

A section house for Battle Mountain

Before Fox Valley Models became a well known brand of N scale locomotives and rolling stock they had a few laser cut wood kits.  I picked up this section house kit at a train show quite a few years ago now and had never put it together and recently re-discovered it in my stash of stuff.

I have always enjoyed laser cut wood kits.  One thing that was different about this one was they had designed it to use Tichy windows and doors which I was already familiar with from scratch building projects and really like.
Here is the finished structure after assembly and painting.  I did not really like the roof paper that came with the kit and used some that I had printed myself.   Any manner of junk could be placed around this section house but for now I just scattered some pallets there.

For now it is in an area between the Barite facility and the bulk oil dealer but it may move later as it does sometimes happen that railroads move these small maintenance buildings.  The small structure to the left is not an outhouse.  It is a concrete telephone booth used by the Southern Pacific before the days of the 2-way radio.