Friday, October 27, 2017

Three year anniversary for the layout

It was about this time in 2014 that actual construction started on this layout.  Years of research and planning had come before that.  As this third anniversary passes I reflect on what has been accomplished this past year and make some realistic goals for the next year.

  • Complete Gloconda section including scenery - Done !
  • Build and install the upper return loop above Wesso - Done !
  • Install LED lighting under upper return loop to light Wesso - Done !
  • Install photo backdrops - Done !
  • Mount Wesso and Gloconda sections - Done !
  • Add the bottom LED panels to Carlin section to light staging yard - Done !
  • Build temporary return loop for east end of Gloconda - Done !
  • Start bench work next section after Gloconda - Done  !

It was another good year.  I was able to accomplish everything I had set out to a year ago and then some.  The  section east of Gloconda ended up being called Battle Mountain and already has the track and wiring done and is ready for basic scenery.  Also the scenery in Winneamucca is beginning to take shape.  To me one of the biggest changes is actually being able to run trains on the layout that is completed so far.

Below is a crude drawing of the layout as it is right now.  The Battle Mountain section had been temporarily fitted in to the layout to check bench work and track alignment but is now again on the saw horses in the middle of the room to complete the wiring and start the scenery.  Not shown are the Carlin section above the staging yard and the east end return loop above the Wesso section.

So what is my plan for the next 12 months ?  Being careful not to be over confident but at the same time maybe be a little more ambitious with the building schedule.
  • Complete the Battle Mountain section including structures and scenery.
  • Begin the bench work for the Harney section that will be to the east of Battle Mountain.
  • Continue to fill in details and scenes at Winnemucca, Wesso and Gloconda.
  • Add the last of the cabinets in the train room to clean things up.
  • Add the additional work bench using a Maple top I bought at a garage sale. 

Of course I'll continue to post regular updates as this layout grows. 


  1. Great to get all that down on paper and then completed.

    1. Yes, I have found that it helps me to follow through and get things done.