Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Land contours for the Wesso section

Been working on creating the land contours for the Wesso section of the layout.  Both the SP and WP lines follow the route of the Humboldt River and both lines cross the river many times.  I'm sure in the long history of the river and railroad co-existing the tracks have been washed out when the river has risen and the railroad has learned to build up the level of the tracks.  This is a type of scene I want re-create on parts of the layout including on this section.

This view of the prototype is typical of the type of what I want to represent on this module with the tracks built up in anticipation of the river possibility rising.

On this section I am using a combination of Woodland Scenics plaster cloth over cardboard webbing for the river bed and insulation board and drywall joint compound for the sides of the built up areas that the tracks are on.

I'll talk more about the river in the next post.


  1. This will make an interesting scene, Brad.

    I notice that in the photo, the river is running between the two tracks. Will you be trying to emulate that in a later module?

    1. Hi Ron,

      Yes, where the rail lines cross in the canyon the river will be between them and again on the Carlin side of the Palisade tunnels.

    2. I had a look on Google Earth, and it seems like an interesting area. Lots of bridges and tunnel portals. But you won't be needing to make many trees.

    3. Yes, those are all reasons I selected this as an area to model. I'm surprised more people have not modeled this area. It seems like an under represented prototype in modeling.