Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lower helix conclusion

1/8 inch hard board was used to wrap around the outer parts of the helix.  This will eventually be painted to blend in with the walls of the room.

Another piece of old 2 x 2 Ntrak module leg was installed on the outer edge of the "Winnemucca" section on the top,  this is grey in the photo.

In last October's Helix Progress post I had mentioned that there seemed to be a bit of a twist occurring in the helix sections causing there to be a slight difference in the spacing in some places.  I was able to solve this by making 4 spacing strips that hold the outer edge at a spacing the 2-/14 inches between levels.  One of these was mounted on the outer edge between each all thread rod.

Each loop of the helix has a pair of 22 gauge feeder wires which are connected to a 2 position terminal strip.  Then that terminal strip is connected to the output of a PSX-1 under the helix.

This photo shows the connections for the inner or WP tracks.  The connections for the outer or SP tracks are on the opposite side of the helix.

While this marks the completion of this lower helix, there will eventually be another helix stacked on top of this one that will connect the other end of the layout to a return loop and siding that will be above Wesso after the layout goes all the way around the room.

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