Thursday, June 4, 2020

Modern truck for the diesel distributor

The fuel truck presented in the recent post "N Scale roots - cast resin vehicles" is OK for my 70's-82 era but I needed something more modern for the later eras.

I discovered a new line of 3D printed vehicle model kits from Royale Models.  I ordered this fuel tanker with trailer kit from their web site  These kits come in a package like the one shown in this photo.
This is what the 3D printed parts in the kit look like.  They are printed from the bottom up with many support fingers rising from a base.  There are no instructions included.
These fingers need to be carefully cut from the models.  I used a flush cut spue cutter to separate all the little fingers from the models starting on the outside edges and working my way in.  There was very little sanding needed with a 600 grit sanding stick to clear away any remaining nubs.
The only problem I had with this kit was getting the tank to sit correctly on the truck frame.  I ended up adding .020 x .040 styrene strips along the truck frame to raise the tank above the rear wheel fenders.  I also made a hitch on the rear of the truck for the dolly to fit onto.
There was not a very solid pivot connection between the trailer and the dolly so I made my own using .047 styrene rod then drilled out the hole in the dolly to match.

The truck chassis, tank, dolly, trailer, and wheels were all painted prior to final assembly.  Details were added with Sharpie pens.  Then it got decals and a spray of Dullcote.
Since the label on the box identified this model as being part of the Interstate Series, it seemed right to display it on the short section of I-80 that is on my layout.

These are excellent models and in my limited experience with 3D printed models represent the best available in that medium.