Sunday, February 9, 2020

Finishing the scenery window box

The rock casting work and most of the scenery work was done with the box out of the window and sitting on saw horses.  Being able to tilt the box at various angles made adding the scenery material easier.
While the scenery window box was being worked on at the saw horses I was also working on the scenery around the area of the window.  This photo shows how the area looked after both were dry and the box was installed.

To better blend the scenery another application of scenery materials was done on while the box was in place.  I have temporarily set the bridge and tracks in place to show how this scene will look with a train going through it.
This is what it looks like from outside the window.  The back of the scenery box was painted with the white house trim.  I may also paint the parts of the main bench work visible in the window the same color.

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