Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cold weather work

While we generally have a mild winter compared to most areas of the US, the period around the Christmas and New Years holidays is usually the coldest time where I live in Northern California.  The little space heater I have in the train room does a decent job of keeping the room at 60 degrees or higher until the overnight lows dip into the 30's.

During this time I turn my attention to the things that keep me moving and warm and keep the progress going on the layout.  Recently I went to Lowes and purchased another 4 x 8 sheet of tempered hard board to use for fascia and lighting valances and also a sheet of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP to use to mount the photographic back drops on.

Here is a view of the Wesso section after the fascia / lighting valance has been installed on the east end return loop above.

I got a coat of primer on it now and am thinking about what color I want to use for the fascia.

The FRP panel has been extended nearly down to the far corner of the room above the work bench.  The test layout with the Kato Unitrack was moved to the shorter wall to make way for this.  The lighting valance under the cabinets has also been extended but not quite as far.

This cold snap should not last too long and I'll then get back to things like scenery and decoder installs.


  1. That valance is going to make for a nice complete scene when you're finished Brad.
    I always wished I had done an around the wall layout where I could have made use of a valance. It makes things look so much nicer.

    1. Hi Allen,

      Originally I had planed to have a Peninsula in the center but realized that I really needed to keep the middle of the room open to have space to work on modules. It turned out to be the right decision as I have about as much railroad as I can handle with this plan. Hopefully within the next couple months these first sections with scenery will be operational.