Sunday, January 11, 2015

Temporary layout

I've always tried to have a layout of some kind over the years even if it's just a test loop on a piece of plywood.  Shortly after I dismantled the old California Northwestern in December 2013, I re-used the plywood shelf from that layout to make a test track above my work bench.

I've always had some Kato Unitrack around for about the past 10 years for use in temporary displays or projects.  This is the first long term use I've done with it.  While it has generally has preformed well I am still reminded from time to time that it is still sectional track.   I am only using one power feeder and will sometimes notice a drop in the speed of a locomotive in some of the sections furthest from that feeder.

I recently purchased a new camera that has a panorama function and wanted to try it out.  On the left is a Digitrax Super Chief DCC system and on the right is their older Big Boy system along with a Tomix power pack.  I use all these to program and test locomotives.  At the top right edge of this photo can be seen some more Ikea cabinets.  These will be almost all the way around the layout room by the time all the layout bench work is done.

Another thing being tested here is that this is about the height the layout will be when it gets around to this part of the room and I wanted to see how the work bench area would work out with the layout right above it.  So far, no problem at all.  When the layout does get to a point where it will replace this temporary layout, I'm sure the materials from this will be recycled again into another project.


  1. The feeder thing - making me crazy. Track in general is bothering me right now. hehehe I put a second feeder in recently and noticed that the train was running a bit better, but still fight the dirty track battle. Can't wait for dead rail to be perfected for N scale. :)
    Looking good. Great idea - tossing in a temp layout for testing and the like. I'm looking forward to hearing about your findings! Cheers!

    1. Hi Malcolm and welcome to the American side of my N scale modeling. What I have found helps with electrical pickup on my Japanese stuff is to remove the traction tires. They put them on almost all of the locos & power cars. Not needed unless you are pulling long train up a grade.