Saturday, January 17, 2015

First two staging tracks completed

After finishing my latest Fast Tracks turnout I was able to connect two of the staging tracks at the entry end of the staging yard and run test trains through the full length.  The line was temporarily extended onto the surface that will support the helix with Kato Unitrack.

The Unitrak was connected to the Atlas track by making the adapter shown here.

The molded roadbed section was cut from part of a section of Unitrack then some Atlas ties were slipped onto the rails.

I am still learning about building turnouts.  While the Fast Tracks jig is very helpful in setting up the turnout, I have learned to check throughout the turnout with the NMRA track gauge and make any fine adjustments needed to bring it into spec.  The plan is to get lots of practice building the code 80 turnouts for the yard then having that experience when it gets to building the code 55 ones for the scenicked parts of the layout.

I purchased some larger ties that are .060 thick to match the Atlas ties and placed them in several spots between the standard Fast Tracks ties.  A wider .030 thick tie was used as the throw with the width to handle the wire hole without breaking.  I am also making the guard rails longer.

Several different trains have been pushed and pulled back and forth on both routes of this turnout many times today.  I think this turnout may be my bet one yet.  The next one will finish the pair of staging tracks shown now in this photo as cork.

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