Saturday, June 11, 2022

Welcomed addition to the train room.

We have had our photovoltaic solar system on our house for a year now.  And although we have been home every day except for 2 in that year, we made quite a bit more power than we used and have a credit with the utility company.

Feeling assured that it was not going to cost anything to run, I purchased a portable air conditioning unit for the train room.  The local big box hardware store had a sale on them.  I had already installed a discharge vent through the wall when I built the room so it was an easy install.   It sits under the Wesso area of the layout.




















Right away I noticed a difference in the comfort level.  This unit has a dehumidifier built into it and I was surprised at how much moisture was draining out.  I had to rig up a bottle to catch it so I didn't have puddles all over the floor.  This portable unit will also be a back up for one room in case our main unit in the house ever has a problem.

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