Thursday, December 3, 2020

Plan and start for the new section

In a post on October 31st I had shown a prototype photo of what the next section of the layout will represent.  Here is another photo of the same area taken from just above the tunnels on Palisade Ranch Road that I like to use as a reference.  I suspect that the road access is the reason that this is one of the most photographed areas on this line and so I am calling this section of the layout the Palisade Ranch section.  The through truss bridges in the distance is in the spot that the concrete trestle will be on the layout.   

 In planning this new section I used some red rosin paper left over from a painting project and cut a section of that to match the shape and size of the new area to be modeled.    Laying it out on the floor I bent some track to the desired radius and laid them in place along with the bridges and tunnel portals that had already been built to get an idea of what I could accomplish in this space.  With Sharpie pen I drew in the key features.

Of course my model of this scene is going to have to be quite compressed and is going around a corner.  I want to include Palisade Ranch Road in this scene and that is indicated by the yellow line drawn in with Photoshop over the tunnels.  The location of the curved concrete trestle is also pointed out with yellow.

Construction on this new section is moving along.   There was already the basic structure in place that was supporting the temporary turnaround loop so working off of that all of the sub roadbed for both lines has been established.  Cork roadbed is now being installed and next will be the river bottoms and then some terrain can get started. 


  1. That should look very nice when completed Brad.
    PS have a great Christmas.

    1. Thanks Rod, yes I think this is going to come out fairly close to the prototype however compressed.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, I always imagine it must be different to have Christmas in the summer.

  2. Yes it is but we have never had it any other way. When the summer is stinking hot (can be 35C) and a hot roast lunch is cooking that can be tough.
    In our younger days we used to sit 23 family for lunch and it was a big do, great times however so long ago. Family is spread out and some take off on annual leave before Xmas day.