Saturday, October 31, 2020

Layout 6th anniversy - whats next

About this time in 2014 I started work on this layout and it has been slowly progressing around the train room and at this point is approaching the door to the layout room. This layout has been built one section at a time with a return loop of some sort being moved along on the leading edge to make running possible. 

So what's the next expansion ?

The photo below comes from and was taken by John West in 2009.  This is on the west side of the Palisade tunnels and is one of the most photographed spots in my modeled area.  This scene is the inspiration for the next expansion of the layout in about a 4-1/2 foot space.  After entering the tunnels the tracks will cross the lift bridge across the doorway.

It was photos like the one above that got me interested in modeling this particular line and I built models of these two bridges several years before starting the layout.  Below is the photo I took of them in 2010.  They have been in storage ever since waiting for the layout to progress to this point.

I also have the tunnels portals already built.  I mentioned those in this post back in June.   So this should hopefully move along quickly through the end of the year with some of the major items already built.


  1. This is a great spot and should look good once you get it modeled.
    Bridges look good.

    1. Thanks Rod, I will be starting on this area soon.