Friday, March 6, 2020

Main line has reopened once again

Since last October when I started the Palisade Canyon extension to the layout there have been two dead end lines with no way to actually run a train all the way through.  That all changed a few days ago when things got completed enough to put in a new turn around loop.

This photo shows the newest temporary turn around loop.  This sub road bed was constructed from scraps of plywood and supported on the permanent bench work for what will be the next extension.

The PSX-AR module that had been under the old turn around loop was re-mounted under this new one.  The DCC bus was extended to it and two feeder pairs from the new loop connected to the output.

This view shows almost all of the new extension of the layout.  It's about 6 linear feet going around the corner.

After almost 5 months of construction and not being able to get to any train show layouts I had really missed being able to run my trains properly.  Now I am running everything through the new section to test the track work and so far it's all running well.


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    1. Thank you Rod. It is great to be able to be able to run my trains again, especially as our local train show are being impacted by the coronavirus.