Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Finishing the skewed bridge

The bridge got a set of 3D printed bridge shoes from Shapeways which established what the exact height of the abutments needed to be.  The abutments were made from wood and painted with Model Master concrete and weathered with acrylic wash and then powders.  This one also got some graffiti on it.
The track for this bridge was made up of section of Micro Engineering standard code 55 track with some of the ties removed and replaced with the bridge ties that came with the Central Valley bridge kit.
My Floquil old silver had run out but Model Masters aluminum was a perfect match for the second paint coat.   The bridge then got some weathering and the track assembly was attached to the bridge with E6000 adhesive.
The bridge was set it place with E6000 adhesive on the bottoms of the bridge shoes to secure it.  The tracks were connected to the adjoining sections and secured to the cork road bed with while glue.  I will wait on the ballasting the track until I've done a good bit of testing with a variety of trains.