Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rearranging some train room furniture

As the layout grows I am learning more of what works and what does not with the layout sharing working space in the train room.   One thing that was not working for me was the paint booth sticking out as far as it did under the Golconda section.

The paint booth itself fits OK under the layout but the cabinet it sat on was 24 inches deep and that is what stuck out.  So a 30" wide by 24" tall wall depth cabinet was purchased at Ikea and wheels were installed to become the new paint booth cabinet.
The original 24 inch deep cabinet that the paint booth sat on now fits nicely under the turn around part of the staging yard.  For now it will hold boxes of items that I have for sale which up to now had been sitting on the floor.

Some time ago I had picked up a nice maple top for $15 at a garage with the idea of making a second work bench for the train room.  Recently I reconsidered the second work bench idea and installed the top on the existing work bench.  Lighting for this work area is done with the same type of LED panels used to light the Wesso section.

When the bench is not in use the lighted magnifier can be swung under the layout so it does not interfere with the layout.

There is a space in between the bench and the paint booth and I plan to purchase a 40 inch tall by 24 inch wide cabinet for there.

With the work bench under the layout the tool chest I had been using did not have enough room to open all the way so I installed a couple of drawers.  One is for electrical tools and the other for modeling tools.

I also installed a back board to the work bench and may hang some tools from there.  I am going to try to keep this new set up neat and clean and  hopefully will complete many projects here.


  1. Looking very tidy Brad. Ikea has some neat stuff and ideas for us modelers ask me how I know Haha.

  2. I'm sorry Brad! But that can't be your workbench, it's too clean and organized! LOL
    None the less, it looks good!

  3. Thanks guys, Allen that was the way it looked after I finished with the new top, etc. It may never look that neat again.