Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tempoary and movable return loop section

The two tracks that now end after crossing the bridges at Gloconda will eventually connect to one another and form a return loop.   But that return loop is still 50 actual feet away and who knows how long that will take to build and I want to run trains now.

So the solution I came up with was to build a temporary return loop on a section that can be connected to the end of the last completed section and then moved when a new section is added.

I used Kato Unitrack and spliced the Micro Engineering track to it with the same method presented in this post from last January.  The rail in the Kato Unitrack seems identical to the Atlas rail.

The other end of the adapter track was connected the end of the code 55 track on the finished part of the layout with tight Micro Engineering rail joiners and no solder.
Here is a simplified AnyRail track diagram of the layout as it is now.  This new section is at the far left and is the highest elevation.
Connecting those two tracks created a new return loop.  A DCC Specialities PSX-AR was mounted under the section and isolation gaps included in the track at both ends.

It's great to finally be able to run full trains over the entire layout such as it is right now.


  1. Great idea Brad, just don't let the temp track stay too long if you know what I mean.
    Regards Rod.

  2. LOL! Rod is right. Now that the trains are running, the progress will slow to a crawl. LOL! Ask me how I know?
    The first run around a completed section is always the best!

    1. Yes guys, I do know what you mean. So far being able to actually run trains through the layout has been more of a motivator for me. I am now finishing the controls for the SP staging yard which is something I had skipped over and have started bench work for the next section after Gloconda.

  3. That is encouraging to hear, good stuff.