Friday, June 30, 2017

Striping for the Interstate highway

Many of our model roads end up being narrow lanes without any striping.  In this project I have a relatively modern divided 4 lane highway and overhead photos show the types of striping so that is what I am trying to re-produce.

I have been using an HO scale product from Builders in Scale with good results on my Japanese prototype modules so I decided to use them on this project as well.

These are 4-1/2 inches wide in HO scale which would be about 8 inches wide in N scale.
Here is a view of the highway overpass as it is now.  Besides painting the highway section and applying the stripes, I have painted and weathered the retaining wall.  Still need to add some guard rails.

I have also started to add ballast to the tracks in this area starting with the black cinder layer.  In the photo I had just applied the glue solution and it is still wet.