Friday, December 2, 2016

First photographic backdrops have arrived

The first 4 photographic backdrops have arrived.  One of these is shown in this photo temporarily set up behind the test layout above the work bench to see how it looks.

These are from Backdrop Junction.  I have two pairs of 6 ft long backdrops that are 14 inches high.  There are two different scenes that connect together and with another two that are the same scenes reversed I will be able to get 24 ft of continuous scene.  First got to get up some more panel.


  1. That backdrop looks stunning. Are you planning to keep the sky?

    1. Hi Rod,

      Yes, I plan to use the sky part on these. They will run for 24 ft then the canyon walls will be the backdrop with sky blue painted on the top of the sky board. At the other end of the canyon there will be more open country so some more photo backdrops similar to these.