Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Finishing the upper return loop bench work.

The upper return loop bench work has now been finished and installed in it's place on the layout above the Wesso section.  The 3 lighting panels from the last post are installed and the effects of the lighting can be seen in this photo.  Still need to put up a lighting valance.

Here is another view taken from inside the helix.  The LED panels can be seen lined up along the outer edge of the upper loop section.  I am happy with the level of lighting on the Wesso section except that is seems a shade darker in the back of the far corner where the dry creek is. I may need to add a couple more LED modules above that area.

Because the area below the return loop is part of the scene it needed to stay open without supports so I put the supports on top.  The frame of the bench work is also attached to the wall studs.  This makes this section really sturdy.

The cork has been laid but not the track.  It will be some time before the layout is far enough along for trains to run over this section and because it is so sturdy I plan to use this section as a storage shelf for the time being.

This photo shows two of the Anderson Power Pole connectors that will connect lighting panels shown in the last post to the 12 volt DC bus.

In the top of this photo there was a small irregular area where I just mounted a permanent panel with 2 LED panels that are wired directly to the 12 volt DC bus.

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