Saturday, February 14, 2015

Installing fascia on the staging yard

I have often read in magazines about layout builders using Masonite or tempered hardboard for layout or lighting fascias but had never worked with it myself so I though it was high time that I expand my horizons and give it a go.

Around the balloon part of the yard where the return loops are, I installed a number of gussets that the fascia could be attached to in addition to the edge of the base.

With the yard sitting on edge it was easy to apply some carpenters glue, set the strip in place then attach with my pneumatic stapler.  After filling the stable marks with Spackle and sanding, the fascia will be ready for paint.

So far in all my testing of the yard with various type of cars, nothing had fallen from the layout.  But I just as an extra precaution I decided to leave a small raised edge on the fascia as the return track on the lower yard runs close to the edge.  I tested it with a short high cube box car as they seem the most top heavy.

Overall I am pleased with the result and found the tempered hard board to be easy to work with.  This bit of fascia is just a start as there will be an estimated 80 feet of layout edge and maybe some 60 feet of light valances needed as the layout progresses.  In the parts where there is more than one deck, the fascia for the upper deck will be extended to be the lighting valance for the lower deck.

In other progress on the staging yard, the return loop bridge for the upper yard has been painted and installed, and cork road bed has been started for the upper yard.  Evidence of some of this can be seen in these photos.  More later.

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