Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Return loop bridge for upper line

The upper level loop needed to pass over the lower level loop at a shallow angle.  This meant a rather long span that would require supports.  The staging yard being an off scene part of the layout, I was free to design my own bridge without it being at all realistic looking.  I wanted the area to remain as open as possible for track maintenance so after experimenting with several options, I built this curved bridge from brass materials.

Here is the collection of brass materials I found at my local hobby shop, Amazon, and ebay.

As you can see in the photo, I completed the painting on the yard since the last post.

Here is the completed bridge in place along with it's Masonite deck.  With the lower level cork in place it is clear to see how the two tracks cross each other. This cork on the lower level is the first to be installed anywhere on the layout.  After I get the track put in on the lower level return loop, cork and track can then be installed on the upper level.

Here is a low angle view showing how the lower level track passes through the supports for the upper level track.  Also seen is the Masonite deck of the upper level supported by the brass strips.

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