Saturday, November 1, 2014

Main staging yard bench work - Part 3

Part 3 of building the bench work for the main staging yard was to build up the upper or Western Pacific line around the turn around loop and over the lower or Southern Pacific turn around loop.

While part of the path around the loop is solid bench work, the loop will be completed by a special bridge that I am building from brass.  In the near future I'll post about that part of the project.

Another bridge was built to carry the loop over the lower level as shown in this photo.  This was made from Masonite hard board that I originally got to use for curved fascia and sky boards.  I had never worked with this material before and am impressed so far with what can be done with it.

The space in the turn around loops will not be wasted.  I have had a lot of success mounting Tortoise turnout motors upside down and off to the side of the turnouts.  I plan to use some of the area in the loop for this purpose.  Next steps will be to seal and paint the remaining exposed areas.

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