Thursday, January 26, 2023

New decks for bulkhead flat cars

I recently installed some new, more realistic looking decks on my bulkhead flatcars.  I purchased these directly from Micro-Trains.  They appear to be printed images on thin, laser cut wood.  One package is enough to do 3 cars with each having separate pieces for the main deck and the bulkheads.

After taking them out of the package and separating the parts I found the main deck piece to be just a bit too long for the decks on my cars.

This was corrected by sanding down just a bit at each end of the deck. 

The edges to me looked a little too light when I test fitted the decks on the cars so I darkened the edges with a black sharpie pen.

Avery stick adhesive was used to attach the deck pieces to the car.

Here is a comparsion of one of the finished cars and another one yet to be done.  I am pleased with the results and since I don't currently have many loads that I would place on these cars having a more realistic deck makes a difference.


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    1. Thanks. Yes it does make a difference and it was easy to do. Even better with a spray of Dul coat as they were just a bit shiny.