Thursday, January 31, 2019

Scratch built end of track bumpers

I like to have nice end of track bumpers at the ends of my spur tracks.  After seeing some scratch built ones on the Internet done in larger scales I decided to make my own N scale ones from brass.  I used this photo of something done in a larger scale as a reference.
The materials used include scraps of code 55 rail, PCB ties, and brass stock and all soldered together.  This photo shows the one I made for the diesel distributor before I had painted it.

Here is the same bumper after painting, being glued into place, and some ballast and scenery added.  The PCB tie material is covered by the scenery.
Because it is made of brass and can conduct electricity it is important to keep the bumper from actually touching the track.  I somehow blew it on this one at the warehouse and had to cut a gap in one of the rails to clear a short as shown in this photo.


  1. It does look good.I used Hayes type wheel stops on the SFRSD and they looked good but different.

    1. Hi Rod. I think most industrial sidings would not have something this substantial but I have just always liked the way they look.