Sunday, May 22, 2016

First M/E code 55 track being installed

I am finally beginning to lay some of the Micro Engineering code 55 track on the Wesso module.  The crossovers were built on the work bench and then installed.  Now the other connecting tracks are in progress and wire feeders are being installed.

Most of the work is being done while the module is sitting on the saw horses in a way similar to how I did the staging yard.  I plan to do all of the track, electrical, and most of the scenery this way then install the module in place on the layout.

Before the track can be installed on the WP line going east from Wesso the dry creek scene under the bridge must be completed.

Today I poured a wet solution of Hydrocal plaster along the creek bed to give it a flatter surface.  The area under the wood trestle will be the first part of the layout to receive scenery and that will be very soon.