Friday, April 22, 2016

Building a low wood trestle

In the foreground of the scene on the Wesso section where the WP tracks are crossing a dry creek I want to use a wood trestle.  It will  not have to be very tall and will need to curve to match the 18 inch radius of the track.  Also, I want to make it a ballasted deck.

Since the last post the WP right of way re-alignment has been completed and a coat of tan paint seals all of the Wesso section except for the area where the wood trestle will be.  The creek bed may require further modification to accommodate the trestle.

Here is a prototype example of the type of trestle I am describing.  This particular straight trestle is in Arizona.

After looking at various options I chose a kit that I had used before as the starting point for this project, the Bar Mills Models Low Boy Trestle. I had two of them on the California Northwestern layout. The box shown in the photo was holding left over parts from the old layout, it now comes in a bag.

These are great kits right out of the box with options to build it as a straight or curved trestle.  For this project I am using almost all of the parts plus some left over from before.  I am also using some strip wood that I had on hand. The deck is made from .020 stryene sheet with a pair of curved .125 brass tubes bonded to the center to give it some extra support.


  1. I love these little trestles. Not sure what it is about them. They are like a little scene nugget every once in a while while driving. The little markers they sometimes have. The way they look different in the summer and winter. (with and without water)
    Very cool element.

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      This one is going to be dry but down the line on the next module section both tracks will cross the wet river over some larger bridges.