Monday, April 27, 2015

First completed section of LED lighting

It's been a few months since I've updated what was going on with the LED lighting but I have been sporadically working on this so here's an update.

I found the type of power supply I wanted on ebay for about $6.50 including shipping.  They are rated at 5 amps but plan to only load them at 50% of capacity.

This is inside one of the cabinets that are above the layout.  When I built the room I placed several of these outlets around the room that are controlled by a wall switch separate from room lighting.

When I set up the first few of the panels I had made up with 5 LED modules, it was way too bright.  So I removed 2 of the modules reducing the lighting by 40%.

Shown here is a completed 10 ft long section of LED lighting using 24 LED modules mounted 3 each on 8 panels.

As I have worked on the staging yard the first section of LED lights under the cabinets have been used to light the area so they've gotten a good testing.  So far, so good.

Here is the front on view of part of the area covered by this lighting.  The upper deck is where going to be where the cloud sky board is located.  Lately I have been using this area to photograph items for ebay listings.

The staging yard is below that and is shadowed by the upper deck so it will have need to have it's own lighting mounted to the bottom of the upper deck.

The blue strip below the cabinets is a test valance I made from tempered hardboard.

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