Friday, May 13, 2016

Layout room storage cabinets

Most of us struggle to find enough space in our layout rooms to store all of our trains, kits, scenery supplies, etc. The best solution can be some sort of cabinets but good cabinets can be quite expensive.  When I remodeled our kitchen years ago almost half the budget went to new cabinets and those were no where near top of the line.

What I have been using for my train room are un-assembled cabinet kits that I buy at Ikea.  They are well designed and easy to assemble.  I mount them above the layout and mount layout lighting under them.

Here are the cabinets I just purchased a few days ago and got some photos before installing the doors.

The east end of the Wesso section can be seen at the right of this photo.  The layout will be continuing under these new cabinets.

These cabinets are fairly inexpensive.  I buy the most basic finish which is called Haggeby.  The 75 inches of 15 inch tall by 15 inch deep cabinets shown in this photo cost me $123.00 plus sales tax.  I've been adding the cabinets little by little and now have 25 linear feet installed.

Of course they look much better with the doors installed.  The future path for the layout will be under the cabinets at about the level where those two orange module sections are sitting now.

Led lighting for the layout and lighting valance will be mounted along the bottom of the cabinets.

Besides the shorter cabinets that are mounted above the layout, I have two 30 inch tall cabinets that were from the old train room.  These had been above part of the old layout.

Wheels have been installed under them and they are now used as base cabinets and working surfaces.  The one in this photo supports the paint booth.  Paints and scenery materials are stored in this cabinet.  The other one serves as a shipping table and holds shipping boxes and packaging material.   These cabinets are about 15 years old now and have held up well despite being at the low end of the price range for cabinets.

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